New Year’s Wish

My New Year’s wish is that we may find deep within us, peace, clarity, compassion, and courage.

May we be at peace with whatever arises. May we accept what actually is, and come to make peace with the reality of things, quickly and easily. May we ride on whatever wave takes us, instead of fighting against it, understanding that it will eventually lead us all to the same shore anyway. May we continually find gratitude for all that comes our way, no matter whether we judge those things as good or bad. And may we have the truest sense of contentment that comes along with practicing gratitude.

May we find the clarity that comes from making peace with what is. Clarity that comes from acceptance, flexibility, and a deep sense of gratitude. The clarity that is needed to make the necessary changes, to take the necessary steps, to hold on to that peace and acceptance and contentment. And may we begin to take those steps and make those changes in our own selves and our own lives.

May we find the compassion that begins to grow for all other people, once we have taken the time to find peace within, and compassion for, our own selves. Compassion that fills us with a deep sense of love and kindness and obligation to our fellow humans. Compassion that sparks a desire for service. A desire for real change.

And then, may we find the courage to take the actions necessary to go out and change our world. May we peacefully, compassionately, courageously, go out and change the world.

We can change our world. May this be the year.

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  1. Hello and happy new year! I want to sign up for your newsletter with my new email address but can’t find where to do that. I really miss getting them!! Thanks!

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