Gonna Get Myself Connected

You are a body, and a mind. But where do you spend most of your time? With your thoughts? Or with your physical body? Which do you nurture the most? Your mind or your body? Which do you spend the least time with? Mind or body?

Are your mind and body two separate disconnected entities? Or do they feel connected?

So many of us walk around disconnected. We know in our minds how we should be treating our bodies, but we don’t do the right things, the healthy things. We feel stresses and anxieties manifesting in our physical bodies, but we continue to feed our head with unhealthy content.

When our minds and bodies are connected our lives become more balanced, more peaceful, more healthy.

The way to connect our minds and bodies is through our breath. The breath is the spirit. The oxygen. The life force. We take that force into our bodies as we inhale and it swirls around inside of us. If we focus our minds on the breath, if we concentrate on the breath as it flows through our bodies, then our minds and bodies eventually merge with the breath, and the three will become one.

Our breath is the great connector.

Breathe with me now.

Shrug your shoulders up as you inhale deeply through your nose. Release them down as you let a big, long sigh out of your mouth.
Shrug and release. Shrug and release.
Releasing with each exhale.
Let your breath become long and slow and deep.
Releasing with each exhale.
Release everything that happened before this moment.
Release who you were before this moment.
Release judgment of everything that has passed.
Release expectations of anything that will happen in the future.
Release your thoughts, your reasons, your excuses.
Release doubt, negativity and blame.
Release resentment, shame, comparison.
Release concern for others’ opinions.
Release anger, sadness, disbelief, confusion.
Release longing, desire, need.
Release tension, anxiety, control.
Release everything but this moment.
Release everything and focus on the breath.

Focus your mind on the breath flowing through your body.
Continue releasing with each exhale…

Return to your normal breath and set an intention to become more in tune with your body, just as it is.

Set an intention to become more in tune with your mind, just as it is.

Set an intention to become more aware of your breath. Just as it is.

Mind, body, breath. Connected, just as it is.


Gonna get myself connected earworm

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