This Time of Year

You don’t have to be merry, or happy or jolly.
You don’t need ugly sweaters or halls decked with holly.
You don’t have to buy presents or spread Christmas cheer,
Or make plans for a bright and a shiny new year.
You don’t have to roast chestnuts or dash through the snow.
It may not look a lot like Christmas anywhere you go.
You might not be filled with a joy that can last.
You might be nostalgic for a sweet Christmas past.
You might not be able to summon the cheer,
On this night before Christmas, this midnight so clear.
Your Christmas may be much bluer than white.
Your head may be reeling on this dark, silent night.
It might not be the most wonderful time of the year.
And you might not be able to hear what I hear.
With every jingle jangle of every jingle bell,
You may be going through your own private holiday hell.
You don’t have to dig deep for some fake Christmas cheer.
All you have to do is breathe. Just breathe and be here.

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