I Dreamed of Him Again

In my dreams there are no consequences.
I am curious, courageous, and I still have breasts.
I can swim through the air.
I can run like the wind.
I can fly, loop-de-loops.
I get stuck in quicksand, unable to move.

My feet weigh 1000 pounds.

In my dreams I can taste colors.
I can feel all of the scents in the room.
I can touch sounds.
Music vibrates through my teeth and fingertips.
All of the songs play at the same time.
I can sing them in every language.

We all speak in tongues.

In my dreams there are animals,
Cats, elephants, dogs, birds.
I communicate with them telepathically.
I know what they’re thinking.
The sounds of the woods are the same as the sounds of the city.
I can stand on a skyscraper.

I am falling through the air.

In my dreams I hide in closets.
There are extra rooms in my house,
behind doors that don’t really exist.
I can pass through walls.
I am ageless, I am weightless,
I’m in the past-present-future all at once.

I am late for class.

In my dreams I have unprotected sex,
with nameless faceless strangers.
There is no guilt or shame.
There is fear, but it is fleeting,
Because I know I’m dreaming.
Because I can change things.

My father is still alive


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