Driving straight into the hazy,
recently risen sun.
But I don’t flip my visor down.
I want the brightness.
I want the hot white light
to touch the backs of my eyes,
to travel straight into my brain.
Sparking the adrenal glands,
heating up the hypothalamus,
perking up the pituitary.

My winter-worn spirit
has been starving for this moment.
Somewhere deep inside of me
the switch is flipped. On.

My light and my salvation,
the radiant illuminator, animator, activater,
is flanked by
two separate and opposing skies.

To the north,
an ambush
of ash gray clouds.
Slowly rolling,
deeply, darkly, northeasterly,
connecting and conspiring,
threatening to sally south,
to overtake the light.

The southern sky is blue. So blue.
Bluer than it’s ever been.
Bluer even than his eyes.
More vibrant for the wispy strands
of stark white cirrus clouds in contrast,
brightly welcoming the brilliant orb.

And I am here, moving,
between the gray and the blue,
bathed in the light
of the slightly shrouded sun.
I am here, moving,
between the box trucks and the busses,
while the light bounces off of my brain.

My retinas reflect the disparate skies.
I take my gaze beyond the glare-
High tension wire,
Abandoned building,
Defunct draw-bridge,
Pigeon, seagull,
Ascending plane.

Sun dog and diamond dust.
It’s snowing up there.



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