September Sadness

This year it seemed
that the September sadness
had been staved off
by the seemingly unending summer-
the mercury rising
near 90 even on the 28th day.

coupled with my lack of desire
to indulge the dolor,
had allowed me
to make it through the month
without the usual melancholy and malaise-
the seasonal effect and affect.

But this morning
it hit me as we headed
out on the highway
to our Pennsylvania place
for the very last time.
The sun was shining
and the sky was clear,
as we moved between the mountains.
A golden glow was in the air,
it dazzled and glistened on the rock face.
The leaves, still green at home,
were changing here.
Some green but several shades
of yellow, bits of orange
and occasional bursts of red.
Bold and bright and beautiful,
colors so crisp and clean,
vivid, vital, alive!

I wonder if they know they are exquisite?
I wonder if they know that they are changing?
I wonder if they know that they are dying?

And so it begins…


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