It’s sorta like a Hallmark card, Dad?

It’s 15 years since you’ve been gone.
For 15 years I’ve missed your voice.
But I carry it in my heart and head,
and I carry on, I have no choice.

I hear your laughter and your words,
I hear you singing songs off key,
I hear you giving me advice.
I’m glad you’re there, inside of me.

It’s easier this year than last,
That’s not to say it’s still not rough.
But your voice and laughter in my head
today will have to be enough.

So I’ll listen to your favorite songs,
and I’ll tell a joke I know you’d get,
and I’ll try my best not to cry too much,
though I haven’t been successful yet…

It’s 15 years that you’ve been dead.
For 15 years you’ve been a ghost.
Of all the voices in my head-
Yours is the one I love the most.


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