Mother Earth Day

The earth is our true mother. She supports and sustains us. She breathes her oxygen into our lungs. She slakes our thirst with her water, nourishes us with her vegetation, inspires us with her blossoms and blooms, amazes us with her seascapes and mountain vistas, humbles us with her winds and wild weather, shakes us with her quakes and eruptions, lulls us into a comfortable existence with her repetitive rotation and revolution.

She allows us to move about freely while holding us safely, secure in her gravitational pull. Without her we would stagnate, starve, dehydrate and drift, aimlessly through space.

Honor her today, and every day. Sit with her, in silent wonder. Lie in her fragrant fields. Embrace her generous gifts with all six senses. Connect to her consciously, in your bare feet. Care for her with your words and deeds. Treat her with the love, kindness, respect and reverence that she so rightfully deserves.

She is the life sustaining Mother, Earth. We are her ever indebted children. Without her, we are nothing.

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