1 Minute to Reboot Your Self 

If you could restart, reset  reboot, right now, what would you like your default to be?

Contentment? Calm? Happiness? Joy? Gratitude? Understanding?  Fearlessness?
What would it be?

Think to yourself,  I’d really like my default to be __________.

Grab your phone, sit comfortably, and set your timer for 1 minute.

As you inhale think to yourself
I am ready to begin again.

As you exhale think
From now on my default is ________.

Inhale: I am ready to begin again.

Exhale: From now on my default is __________.

Continue this for 1 minute.

When the timer goes off, stop. Take a moment to notice how you feel.

If, during the course of the day, you find yourself running off the rails, come back to this idea of your default.  You don’t have to take a full minute. Just 2 or 3 breaths might do it. very breath is an opportunity to begin again.

I hope you have a __________ day!


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