Monkey-free Moments 

I started my Spring Cleaning early this year.  I spent the month of February removing clutter from my head. 

Most of us crowd our heads with an endless loop of thinking-doing-thinking-doing-thinking-thinking-thinking-thinking…
We leave no room in our heads, no empty space. 

We think we need to be thinking all of the time.  So we become thought-hoarders, piling them on top of one another, thinking 4 or 5 thoughts at once, never stopping for a moment, never letting them go, until we finally fall asleep.

We get comfortable in our noisy, crowded houses. We learn to step over the clutter, to work around it, to accept it as a part of the scenery.

We accept it as just the way it is.

I can’t turn off my brain.
I’m thinking all of the time.
I could never stop thinking.
It’s just the way I am.
I can’t let things go.
I can’t ever make my head quiet.

But you can. If you really want to. It begins with just 1 minute of exploration.

Exploring the silence can be scary.

The stillness can seem vast and expansive, like being adrift in the middle of the ocean, or floating weightlessly in outer space. But it can also be cozy and comforting. It can be like finally coming home, to a place you forgot even existed; a place you may begin to recognize as soon as you start clearing away the cobwebs.

You used to live here, alone, with plenty of room to breathe, before the monkey moved in and started filling up every single corner with boxes of crap.

Do you like the clutter?  Maybe you do. Some people are content to live in a crowded, hectic  place. 

I know I feel more at ease in a tidy space.  And I feel much more peaceful and productive when my mind isn’t racing. I’m constantly trying to clear away the crap.  

If you are ready to clear out the boxes of crap, I offer you simple 1 minute meditations. Each one is designed to distract your monkey from the broken record of thought that he plays in your head, over and over and over and over…

If you practice these distractions, you can put the monkey in his own box for longer and longer periods of time, until eventually you can move him out of your space altogether.

You can evict that monkey. If you want to.

Any time you choose, you can simply close your eyes and breathe and be in that vast, expansive, comfortable stillness. 

If you want to be.

Click the link.  

1 Minute Meditations



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